Are you a person who drinks coffee a lot? Do you want to know the difference between the coffees? Well, the ground coffee tastes pretty different and probably way better than the instant coffee. Most of the time, people go after instant coffees when there is no other alternative available. On the other hand, you have ground coffee that is rich in taste and flavor. But why there is so much difference? What makes these two so different from each other?

Coffee beans

Ground coffee contains actual coffee beans whereas the instant coffee does not carry the true coffee beans. While both comes from coffee, the latter comes from a bunch of beans that have been grounded to a particular size. Moreover, the process for the beans of instant coffee is way different from the ground coffee beans. It is where the taste truly differs.

Liquid dissolving

If you try to dissolve ground coffee in liquid, you are going to face really hard time. There are people who try to mix the ground coffee in liquids only to know that it does not dissolve well. It takes away the taste and richness of flavor. On the other hand, instant coffee is made to assure that it dissolves in water with ease. It is one of the primary differences between the two that makes them taste differently.

Caffeine content

Most of the people drink coffee for caffeine. They love the focus and energy boost it provides. You might wake up tired and you try to give yourself a good boost with a coffee. However, you won’t be able to have it with the instant one. The caffeine content in ground coffee is way higher as compared to the instant coffee. You can also vary the amount of coffee beans to control it to some extent whereas the instant coffee does not provide any such option.


If you are a coffee consumer, one of the biggest differences you’ll notice in the two coffees is the quality. Instant coffee is a cheaper and quicker alternative but it compromises on the quality. On the other hand, ground coffee takes some doing but is way better in terms of taste and quality.