MacBook pro repairs


Sometimes your Mac device starts to show signs of its age and acts oddly but don’t panic or decide to buy a new one. There are some common problems of mac book that can be fixed easily. So rather than buying a new one, try to fix your device and save your money. If you are not able to diagnose the problem or you can’t fix it then go for a MacBook pro repairs, that will cost you some money.

  1. Fails to boot or startup issues:

Startup problem is a very common problem of mac. If your device is not booting up properly and you see yourself in a black blank screen or a grey startup screen rather than your desktop, then it is definitely booting time in a safe mode. In a safe mode, Mac’s operating system boots with the basic minimum software as well as drivers that are required. It will run and check your startup disk. It will repair all the damages if there are any directory issues found that is causing startup ills.

In order to start up in a safe mode, start your mac, press and hold on the shift key. You will see apple logo and after that login screen. A little time will be taken by your Mac to show up the login screen as MacOS runs the diagnostics on the hard disk. Restart your mac without holding any key in order to exit the safe mode. This will help you start up your mac as per usual.

  1. Login items problem:

Sometimes you open up your mac device and find a blue screen. The reason is the app that starts automatically when you start up your device. Such apps are usually incompatible with MacOS and cause problems. You can identify which of the apps is causing problem through some trial and error. For this purpose, you need to remove the login items one by one and start your Mac after the removal of each app so that you can know that the problem is gone or not.

  1. Unresponsive apps:

Some apps hang your Mac by tripping out. And when an app hangs, you become unable to do anything. You can’t even quit. To get out of this problem, enter the force quit and highlight the un-responding apps that are causing problem.

Other problems include spinning beach ball and not able to connect with internet. All of the problems have some fixing solutions that you can try by yourself.