Meat is considered as the most valuable source of different nutrients especially proteins. If you want to add meat in your healthy diet, then it is very important to choose the right one and eat the correct portion size of it. According to a research, if you eat right meat with the correct portion every day, it benefits your body and brain.

Eating Ground Turkey Meat:

Turkey meat is usually sold in various forms which includes whole turkey, pre packed slices, thighs, cutlets, breast, mince and even tenderloins. The farming of turkey is quite different when compared to other poultry farming. But its consumption is also growing with the passage of time. People usually ask that is ground turkey healthier than ground beef? Although ground turkey is lighter than ground beef, you cannot select one for your diet without knowing the facts about both of them.

Healthy benefits of ground turkey:

Turkey is quite rich in proteins. If you eat one 4-ounce properly grilled turkey burger, it provides you 48% protein that is all you need for proper healthy functioning of body. High amount of protein intake also means that you will feel full for a much longer time which is a good thing for a healthy diet plan.

Turkey that is provided without skin are low in fats. Turkey meat has two parts, one is white meat that is 70% of the turkey and other is dark meat that covers the remaining 30%. White meat is very beneficial for your body as it contains less fat and is also lower in kilojoules when compared to dark meat.

Ground turkey consist of B-complex vitamin called niacin. This vitamin promotes the blood circulation in your body, help in controlling the level of cholesterol and it also facilitates the glucose metabolism.

Ground turkey meat is also a source of phosphorous, zinc, iron and potassium. Vitamin B-6 is another nutrient present in ground turkey. This vitamin contributes in healthy nerve functioning. It also provides protection against various heart diseases. This meat helps your body to have stable insulin level.

Ground turkey contains good amount of selenium that is a trace mineral. This mineral is essential for our immunity system. Thyroid function is controlled by this mineral and it also protects the body against cell damage that lead to cancer and other chronic diseases. Ground turkey also consists of amino acid tryptophan which produces serotonin.