It is often heard that people lose weight when they follow strict diet plans and do some hard workouts. Many find it difficult in being consistent so they tend to eat more after some days of being on strict diet, and become more lazy after few days of performing hard exercises. Thus, people need to know ways of losing their weight that is free of diet and exercises. Following are some of the ways that can be followed in order to lose weight.


  1. Chewing thoroughly and slow eating:

Our brain takes some time to process that there’s enough to eat. Thorough chewing makes the eating process slower. This makes you feel fulfilled and decreases the intake of food. Some latest studies revealed that fast eaters tend to gain more weight than slow eaters, and are much likely to become obese. Thus, if you want to lose weight, eat slow.


  1. Give less space to the unhealthy foods:

Unhealthy foods must be given less space on the table. You can do this by using smaller plates. Also, the bigger plates make one think that the serving isn’t enough so more is added to the plate.


  1. Add more proteins & supplements to your diet:

Proteins affect your appetite more strongly than any other food nutrient. It makes you feel fulfilled, decreases hunger, and helps in consuming less calories. The reason behind this can be that proteins have an effect on hormones as well. Thus, intake of more proteins will cause reduction in weight. Similary idealica erfahrungen is another way to get in shape fast. Many people are using it and results are evident on Internet as well.


  1. Unhealthy foods must not be looked at:

Having a look at the unhealthy foods may also produce craving for it causing you to have them immediately. Storing them at a place where you can’t see them more often can stop you from having an urge to eat unhealthy.


  1. Foods full in fiber must be eaten:

Having foods rich in fiber also help in weight loss. They decrease the feeling of hunger, and makes one feel fulled for a longer period of time.


  1. Regular intake of water:

Another famous and easy way of losing weight is drinking water regularly. It is said that at least 8 glasses of water must be taken on a daily basis. In this way, one does not feel hungry, water helps in digestion, and the rate of metabolism also increases. Consequently, body’s weight starts decreasing.


  1. Take small portions of food:

Whatever is being served on the table, you must take small portions of it. Bigger portions make people to eat more.


  1. Keep electronic distractions away while eating:

In today’s time, people eat while watching TV, or while chatting on the mobile phone. These distractions make one forget how much has been eaten. Also, they make you feel more hungry, and so one can’t stop eating since the feeling of being full doesn’t come. The stomach keeps on craving for more.

The above mentioned ways are easy to follow since they are free of any strict diet plans and workout.