Surrogacy is absolutely one of the most useful inventions of all time. This provides not just the genetical parents with bundles of joy but also the surrogate with a physical and emotional connection with the child. The three together contribute to the birth of the child because the father provides his sperms, the mother with her eggs which are fertilized in an in-vitro condition (IVF) and then planted in the womb of the surrogate mother whose body nourishes the pregnancy till childbirth.

There are multiple IVF opportunities around the globe and you can find them online simply by typing in google with reference to your current geographical location such as IVF centers in Georgia etc. here is why you could be considering surrogacy in the near future yourself!

  • Same-sex parents: Love finds a way and it does not see any boundaries, be it sex. Every couple eventually sprouts with the desire to increase the dimensions of their family and since these are not able to do so in a natural genetic way, the surrogacy method is the way to go for them. Either of the fathers is at the liberty to donate their sperm for the process and can conceive through the Traditional surrogacy method in which the egg of the surrogate is used.
  • Age Factor: If you are at an age of menopause or cannot carry a baby due to deteriorated physical conditions yet you desire to have a baby, the surrogacy is your biggest save.
  • Physical disabilities of the mother: it is rare for a woman to not have a uterus or who have had to remove their uterus due to certain medical issues, in such a case she is unable to carry her own baby. In this case, again, the couple can opt for the method of surrogacy. Another such problem that the mother may be suffering from is a uterine defect by which she is unable to naturally conceive her child.
  • Other reasons: there is whatsoever no shame if you wish to have your child through surrogacy, it may be because of your medical reasons or upon your own will to do so. For example, if you are an active businesswoman who is traveling almost all the time, you may not wish to compromise on your business and opt for surrogacy. Same goes for models and actresses who do not wish to put a stop to their career for childbirth.

You can be equally emotionally connected to your baby whether it is through surrogacy or not because it is your child no matter what.