Maryland dental bridges

 What is the Maryland Bridge?

Maryland bridge is a porcelain tooth that is baked into a metallic structure. The metal framework consists of two wings that are on either side. These wings consist of porosities that are present in the inner surface. Their purpose is to attach them to the supportive natural tooth or teeth by using adhesive natural cement.

Why Maryland dental bridge is needed?

This type of dental bridge is prepared for those patients who are interested in the esthetic and consistent solution of their missing front teeth. This treatment is not for every patient with a missing tooth or teeth. Maryland bridge is only for those who do not have a problem in their gums and teeth due to cavity, especially on supporting teeth. oral hygiene should also be very good to have Maryland dental bridge. It costs between $1,500 to $2,500.

How Maryland dental bridges are prepared?

As there are many types of dental bridges but the method of preparing the Maryland bridge is different from others. It is because, in this bridge, there is little requirement of the preparation of supporting natural teeth. in some of the cases, a slight depression on the inner surface also becomes the requirement as it enhances the retention of the framework of the bridge. Impression of the prepared teeth is made by the dentists after the necessary preparation of the tooth. This preparation is sent to the dental laboratory. After a few specializations on it, it is sent back and then the dentist attaches this bridge to the teeth of the patient with the help of dental cement. With the proper care and oral hygiene, Maryland dental bridges can last for 5 to 10 years. The procedure of this bridge is less or no pain but, in most cases, a little drilling of the tooth is required.

What are the maryland bridge pros and cons?

  1. Maryland bridge helps in tooth conservation as no natural tooth structure is removed in the presence of this bridge.
  2. The fabrication process of Maryland dental bridges is quite easy and quick to prepare as compared to other dental bridges.
  3. It also restores your smile that has been lost due to the missing front tooth.
  4. You can easily chew and speak in the presence of a Maryland bridge.
  5. It also maintains the shape of your face.
  6. You will feel less sensitivity.
  7. There will no bad effect on the abutment teeth.
  8. It is more durable than other bridges.

Maryland dental bridge procedure for young patients:

The procedure and purpose of the Maryland bridge are very beneficial for all the people who have missing front teeth but mostly it is a good treatment for young patients. Dentists immediately place the bridge with orthodontic treatments. There is no requirement to wait for the complete growth of teeth it is because the treatment of missing teeth involves the dental implants. This treatment is reversible as bridges can be removed when the patient has completed the period of growth.