Instagram is all about competition today and people need to make extra effort to come to the top. With the increase of competition more and more people are adopting variety of strategies to beat their competitors and make it to the top. There are many ways by which more followers can be gained but on the very top has been the use of hashtags. So, if you are looking for ways to increase your audience, this article is your stop. One of the way is to engage with them via DM. People who need info about instagram direct messaging get multiple apps that work for them.

How to get more audience by using hashtags properly

The use of hashtags has become a popular way to gain more audience. How are hashtags used? Here’s all you need to know!

  1. Focus more on your area of research

In order to increase your chances of attracting your audience, you need to ensure that the hashtags you are choosing are relevant to the content of your post. Relevant hashtags guarantee greater chances of making it to your target audience in turn increasing your number of followers.

  1. Using hashtags your target audience is using

Instead of using general hashtag, try to make use of more of those hashtags which your audience is using. The narrower your hashtag scope, the greater the chances of users being attracted to your profile.

  1. Number of hashtags in a post

There is a great range of hashtags that you can use in a single post. Some may make use of as much as 30 hashtags in a post which is the maximum but that doesn’t guarantee more views or more followers. Some people suggest that the ideal number of hashtags is 11 as attracts the more viewers and gives the post a boost.

  1. Choosing the right hashtags

In reality, what matters is not the number of hashtags you use. Why? That is because what is important is how those hashtags are used. You can use as less as 5 hashtags, but if carefully chosen, they can attract as many followers as any 30 hashtag post.

In short, we have discussed a few ways to properly make use of hashtags to increase your audience on Instagram. If you are looking for ways to increase your audience, make sure to read this article.