Instagram is video and photo sharing app but videos get more engagement than photos. Moreover, Instagram posts get 58% more engagement than any other social media posts that means if you want to get new followers and more views, share your content on Instagram. But only posting videos and stories is not enough unless you have no views and high engagement. The more you have high engagement ratio, the more your video rank higher in the user’ feed and get Instagram views. That’s why some people prefer to opt paid methods to get more views like Instagram ads more views. Here we will discuss some methods that can help you to garner more views and higher engagement.

  1. Trending topics can make your fortune. As every day some news becomes the trending topics on social platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc. Think about how you can leverage trending topics to get more views. Generally, trending topics have hashtags, so first off use these hashtags in your video captions. Create content on a most trending topic like you can generate humorous content on that topic or share your opinion on it. Alternatively, you can share GIF from giphy and post it in your Instagram stories. People love to watch funny videos and stories that help you to garner more views.
  2. Ask your existing followers to tag a friend in the comments of your videos. It is a great tactic to get more engagement. Post the content that your target audience wants to see. Write a compelling caption and ask your followers to tag their friends in comment sections. This tactic does two things. First off, it gets the other users to comment on your video when your followers tag their friends in the comment section. Secondly, it attracts more people to your profile and the tagged user will also take a look at your video and more likely to follow you.
  3. Use right and proper hashtags with your videos. If you are posting Instagram stories then add the hashtag sticker with your stories to make more discoverable. When your video or story get the more views in the first 24 hours then your video can secure the top position in the explore results of Instagram. Also, remember to add the location tags with your videos and stories as well. The location tag will greatly help you to drive more eyeballs on your content.
  4. Buy Instagram views from this source is a great way to go when it comes to getting a number of views in short order. The purchased views also help you to get top position on Instagram’ explore page.
  5. Don’t post always promotional content of your product or services. People always find entertaining content to watch. Post the human content, for instance, if you are a fashion brand, post video that shows the beautiful model in a good outfit that appeals the audience towards your content. They will likely to see your other videos and follow you as well.