Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect and amazing. Beautiful skin, amazing physique, attractive dress and an awesome and classy setup. But the main issue which most of the brides face is the selection of the best bridal makeup artist. Following mentioned are some common tips which are helpful in finding the best makeup artist Malaysia:


Start early

Don’t need to start near your wedding days. Start prior, start early Atleast 8 months from your wedding. You can ask for referrals from your friends or family or anyone whom you feel would guide you better. You can search online and research on their complete portfolios.

Reviews matter

Every makeup artist has its portfolio made and on that portfolio there is a complete stock of his previous makeup shoots and other details. You need to check them. Moreover there is a comments section in which customers reviews are available. You can check on those reviews and participate in them. After this, make a list of all the shortlisted artists and try to schedule your meeting with them. Don’t just trust the marketing team and ask brides for the referrals too.

Take a trial

Not only a meeting is enough to know whether a makeup artist KL you have selected is good or not. So you need to take a trial same as you try a car before buying. Your wedding is a big day and you cannot trust someone randomly. Taking trails could help you in making your decision easily

Bring the photos of makeup styles which you like in the trial and ask  muslim makeup artist to do that makeup. This is how you can assess whether he would be able to fulfill your makeup needs or not. Other than the makeup trails, you need to set the trails for your photoshoot as well. The shoot should be for indoors and as well as for outdoors to make sure that you look perfect in your photos.

Check the products

Before you book your appointment, ask your makeup artist regarding the makeup products he uses. Asking only isn’t enough rather you need to examine the products yourself. If you somehow don’t like the smell of the makeup products, you can ask the artist to change them and use some other products for you. You can also tell your skin concerns to the artist if there are any.

Remember your hair

Your wedding look cannot be completed without having a perfect hairstyle. A perfect looking makeup can even fade with a bad hairstyle so you need to make sure that your hair are styled in a perfect manner. You need to do a trail session for your hair styling as well so that you can once make sure that you will look perfect on your big day. You need to keep in mind that weddings could be full of pressures and stress and looking fresh in that time of stress is something highly needed.