Multiple options to earn:

When it comes to making a living by playing guitar, things can get tough but it is same for all the creative jobs. Still it does not mean you abandon it because there are variety of options from which you can earn some good money. By going through all these options you can get into a great band in which everyone desires to play their instrument. Being a guitar player you can earn money by performing in the church, a local band, wedding ceremonies. If a person has the right skill set, he or she can even teach in a school or college. There are many other options in the Entertainment and Media industry where a guitar player can make a good living. Along with this you can earn exposure which will make you land high paying gigs.

Top guitarists in the world make up to millions of dollars in a year but the average salary for a guitarist is about $65,000 in a year. An average earning by a guitar player also depends on some factors. These factors can include qualification, region in which you are performing, the contribution, the outlook of the whole gig.


A creative skill does not need a qualification but there are many guitarists who earn a music degree from a school to learn different skills and marketability. A good music school can also provide you the network you need to progress in the respective field.

Region based gigs:

There are some regions which are known for their art and music. These places are highly invested into the music shows which is why they attract people around the world to come and see the live performances of musicians. If a guitarist lands a gig into these regions then most probably they will earn a good amount of money as compared to other places. In U.S regions like New York and California pay a lot more to guitarists as compared to Hawaii and Louisiana. In New York and California they make up to $81,000 and $73,000 while in Hawaii and Louisiana it is about $45,000 and $57,000.

There are many countries in the world which don’t put that much emphasis on the art and music careers so earning money being a guitarist in those places will not be that great.


There are contribution factors too when it comes to the salary of the guitarists. For example, if a guitarist is becoming famous due to his contribution in a famous song or a band. This improves the worth of the guitarist. It also helps the guitarists to land more gigs so the salary varies on the basis of fame.

Gig Outlook:

The average salary also depends on the gig outlook. If a guitarist is going to perform in a famous singer’s concert then there more chances that he will get good money as compared to performing in a small party.