Voice Search on the rise :

For the past couple of years the voice search feature is getting a lot of attention. According to a recent report made on this feature, it showed that 27 % of the users are now using the voice search feature on their mobile phones in some form. Due to the introduction of smart speaker devices like the Amazon Echo and Google Home have done a great job in the market due to its well developed voice search feature. There is almost 50 % increase in it just for this year 2019. There are predictions being made that by next year all the searches will be made through the voice search.

Shifting to the voice search feature :

The reason behind people getting more interested in this feature is the ease which it brings to their daily tasks. The other reason is that how futuristic everything looks when the user just says something in the required language and the machine understands it almost perfectly.

New Updates from Google :

Due to the rise in use of this voice search feature the company is now highly invested into. Recently it has announced some new updates regarding this feature. There will be improvements made on it and there will also be an expansion on it which means that the voice search feature will be used to perform more tasks than before. The first thing the company announced that they will be adding more languages to the library so that many more users all over the world are able to use this feature. Another main update by the Google is that they are working on making this feature incorporated with the KaiOS devices which will be able to convert the voice form into a simple text in a more natural and convenient way. The platform said that they have been noticing the problem in many communities for which it was not that feasible to write the texts into a full form in their language so for them the voice assistant feature will be great deal. It has also announced that they are going to add eight different languages and going to expand their features more in India. The Google Assistant will be able to form conversations in these languages, which are Marathi, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Urdu. This move will help a lot in a business point of view too because of the huge market present in the second most populous country in the world. There is a lot of potential in adapting new technologies in countries like India.

Conclusion :

Just like the voice search feature Google is also looking to work more on the Artificial Intelligence feature too. Making both of these them incorporated with each other will help a lot to the overall performance of it. It will make Google to be able to grab more market share in this field than its strong competitor Amazon.