The Bicycle Playing Cards:

The playing cards are actually flat and rectangular in shape made up of layered pasteboard. These playing cards are mainly used for playing various games that are either based on chance or skill. It is assumed that they have been developed in the 12th century either as a chess derivation or divination implements. Advanced processes of printing have been utilized in order to produce these cards. These mechanisms include gravure, lithography, and photolithography. Computerized techniques will replace these methods in the future determined to produce a major increase in the playing card manufacturing industry.

History of the Bicycle Playing Cards:

It is believed by the historians that the cards came out first in India as a chess derivation. Others say that these cards were produced for the purposes of fortune telling and magic in Egypt. The earliest written evidence of the use of playing cards dates back to the 12th century from Orient. During the 13th century, they came out in Europe and the Middle East. Many of these cards are similar to the ones we play today. There were 52 cards having four suits that included coins, cups, swords, and polo-sticks.

Features of the Bicycle Playing Cards:

The Bicycle Playing Cards are the standard deck of cards accepted by the USPCC. They are also the most familiar and recognized in the world. The USPCC was producing a novel brand of playing cards in the year 1885. And, thus it required a brand name. During that time period, rolling vehicles like bicycles, tricycles were much famous in the United States. This provided USPCC printer a good scheme for the novel line of cards. Hence, it was simply known as Bicycle, the official name given and produced.

In order to create correspondence with the name given, the back of the card depicts a symmetrical picture of a cupid or an angel riding a bicycle. The cards are either blue or red in color (variety of colors such as orange, turquoise, silver, gold, green, introduced by the third party companies), while the design outside the image consists of numerous hearts, curled plants, and an angel sitting in one corner. This design feature is known as the Rider Back design. Along with a distinctive design on the back of the cards, there are few more features that the decks possess. The first card of these Bicycle Playing Cards is an Ace of Spaces along with the two jokers. The spade is designed and decorated with stars and dots while the center has the sign of lady liberty.

The 52 cards have the dimensions of about 2.5 x 3.5 inches, or 6.35 x 9 cm, and have rounded corners. The quality of these cards is maintained keeping the quality control of the raw materials used for their manufacture and also the incoming inks. It is ensured every time that the cards have been manufactured according to the desired specifications in relation to the dimensions, appearance, consistency, and many other features.