Skin Tone

The first and the most important thing which you need to take care of while buying the eyeglasses online for yourself is your skin tone. Following mentioned are the types of skin tones and the glasses which would be the most appropriate with them:


People who have a pink and a cool skin tone should try the cool colors in eyeglasses frames like they could select among silver, clear, green, blue and gray from Specs Fair Canada.  Sometimes people select black frames but they could work to be a bit harsh with the cold skin tones however you can add a touch of gold in the frames if you have actually a rosy color complexion.


The neutral skin tone types have no apparently fixed tone, however, they are a mixture of golden and slight pink tones and they can wear almost anything because they have fine tones of skin and it matches almost all the colors. They can select bold as well as fun shades if they want.


The warm-toned people normally have the golden undertone and they look good in warm color glasses. They can select among the colors brown, orange, and red, tortoise, yellow and sometimes gold as well. Bold colors like black would also good in the eyeglasses. A pro tip for warm skin toned people is that they should avoid having greenish shade in glasses frame as it could give them a sallow cast.

Frame thickness

Frame thickness is another important thing that matters the most to make yourself a fashion statement but most of the times people don’t give much importance to the thickness of the frames.

Thick frames

Thick frames usually are unmissable and bold and people who have face features comparatively stronger should try having thick-framed glasses. Like the people having strong face features in prominent chins and nose, would look much better in thick-framed glasses rather than of those who have less emphasized features. Normally the thick frames are available in darker shades so select accordingly.

Thin frames

Thin frames are less prominent and they get to blend in your face so easily. If you want to look noticeable and impressive to the people, nothing is better than wearing this type of frame of glasses because it makes you look amazing and people notice you, not your glasses.

Frame width

Another important factor that is equally noticeable before buying the glasses for you is the width of the frame.  The width of the frame of the glasses is exactly as important as the width of the shoes is for you. People just randomly select their frame width of the glasses by taking it as just a matter of fashion but that is not because you need to have perfect glasses width to have a correct fit at your face. Following mentioned are the frame width rules which you are needed to follow:

–    A small gap should be there in your temple and the arm of the glasses.

–    The glasses should be in a resting position on your nose in different changing positions of your face.