The knife has, over the centuries, been among the most popular and efficient weapons used for survival and its versatility is unparalleled in the world of weapons. In the decades of its use, several different hunting knives, differing in the purpose they are made for, have come into existence. Let’s look at some different Survival Knives.

  • Tactical folder

A tactical folder is a knife made to be drawn efficiently and swiftly, with one hand, either the right or the left. Tactical folder knives come with a belt clip that allows the user to fix the knife to a pocket, belt or any piece of sturdy material. These can be quite useful because their making allows them to be withdrawn from nearly any position, tied to a tree or flat on your back for example, as long as you have one hand free to do so.

  • EMS knife (Emergency Medical Services knife)/first user knife

These knives are appropriate for use for military personnel, police, paramedics, EMTs, firefighters etc. EMS knives have all feature of the tactical folder together with additional features in its frame. It has a cut out near the handle of the blade for a belt or strap to fit in and the razor sharp blade, embedded in the handle and inside the cut out, is made to cut the seat belt. This design makes this weapon suitable for rescuing victims from accident sites.

  • Combat survival knives

Used as a weapon for survival by the military soldiers, the combat survival knives are durable and sharp enough to kill in a life-threatening situation. This tool, in addition to other weapons, is an integral weapon to nearly all soldiers.

  • Boot knives

A boot knife is a double edge, 3-5 inched long blade that can be tucked away in the boot, the belt or worn by a chain around the neck. The secondary positions in which it can be kept makes it unsuitable as the first choice and is mainly used as a last resort or a backup.

Survival knives have long since been in use and come in various shapes, sizes and for different purposes. Above are only some of the many different types of survival knives in use today.