Instagram is a great home for brands that want to promote their products or services and lead to a healthy stream of revenue. But how do you grow your Instagram account? Most of the brands prefer to buy Instagram accounts to improve their number game and increase their brand awareness in no time. Today, we will discuss some proven tactics that help you to get more followers and boost your post engagement as well.

  1. Use third-party Instagram tools that help your Instagram growth strategy. For instance, if you want to schedule your post from desktop or mobile phone, Use Later that automatically publish your posts. Use IconoSquare in order to get Instagram insights, information, and analytics of your followers and Instagram account. While Webstagram helps you to find the right and relevant hashtags for your posts. Use the social blade to analyze the growth of your followers over time.
  2. Instagram is all about visually appealing images. And what’s better than creative content as people love to see and get engaged with creative images and videos. Try to use vivid color and add frames with your photos to make them more captivating. Instead of just posting promotional content, you could create creative videos, GIFs, and stories around them in order to stand out on Instagram.
  3. According to studies, when you post at regular intervals then you get more engagement. So try to post at least once a day.
  4. The main purpose of using hashtags with posts is to reach out the people who are not following you yet. So it is more important to use the right hashtags in order to get noticed by the right audience. Check out the search volume of that hashtags which you are using with your post. If you choose the hashtags that have more search volume then your post will be get lost in the flurry of other millions of posts. All you need to analyze which hashtags are giving you more hits and comments and consider using them more often.
  5. Your post should communicate some degree of consistency through colors, personality, filters, and layout. When your feed has a consistent theme running through, and you are posting at a consistent pace then there are more chances to increase in the following count. Consider your profile bio and first 9 posts as your first impression when someone lands on your profile.
  6. Ask question to your followers in your captions and stories to get involved with your content. It is a good way to increase engagement. The more you have engagement, the more you get followers.
  7. If you want to grow your account in no time then join Instagram pods where a group of people within the same niche like and comment on the photos and videos of others. When you instantly get more likes and comments then there are more chances to get featured in the explore tab of Instagram that means more number of followers.
  8. Buying Instagram account is a great way to go when you are a startup and want to join this platform with an established account. It will help you to get more followers and increase brand exposure.