There are 25 million people all around the world use Instagram to promote their products and increase their brand exposure. If you are also a brand and want to grow your account on Instagram then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of ways to grow your audience on Instagram with getting Instagram account from instagrealgram. Here, we will discuss some simple yet effective ways to grow your Instagram account.

  1. Write a compelling bio to grab the attention of the people. Your bio is the first thing that people consider to follow your account. According to studies, you have only 0.05 seconds to convince people and make your first impression. So try to craft a good bio and represent your brand within 150 characters limit. Tell the users who you are and what you will offer on this account. Also, give them a good reason why they should follow you.
  2. On Instagram, hashtags are the only thing you should pay attention to, Instagram filters also help you to boost engagement. People respond more to specific filters more favorably than other filters. For instance, Mayfair can have a great impact on your post engagement.
  3. Buy Instagram account can boost your brand exposure and help you to get more followers in no time. It is an instant and simplest way to achieve your goals in short order.
  4. Instagram has become a good video sharing platform with a photo sharing network. The videos have more engagement ratio than average engagement for images. So share video, Instagram stories, and live videos to engage your audience and grow your account. You will appear at the front of the stories feed when you go live on Instagram. Instagram offers a lot of features for your stories to create more engaging content. You can create polls and interact with your fans to get their feedback and build a strong relationship with them. Moreover, Instagram stories humanize your brand and let you share creative and interesting content with your fans.
  5. A lot of brands share the user-generated content on their account in order to grow their brand. You can take the best of best UGC from the internet and feature it on your account while giving credit to the creator.

Moreover, you can create a branded hashtags and ask your followers to create content and use this hashtags with the post, repost their content and mention them at the end of your post caption.

  1. If you want to extend your post reach and gain more followers on your account then collaborate with other Instagrammers to reach a whole new audience. If you have a budget, then influencer marketing might be a great way to increase your post reach and grow your account.

7.   Timeliness is a key factor when it comes to boosting post engagement. First of all, post at the right time when most of your followers are active. Secondly, consider posting on mid-week and Sundays to get more likes, comments, and shares that in turns help you to gain a number of new followers.